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The risks of using day labor vs. skilled construction labor

Construction subcontractors and general contractors are continuing the migration away from day labor outfits, who supply generally unskilled, transient, hourly labor. They are instead relying on TRADES Corp., to provide them with “skilled construction labor”.

The increase in the minimum wage laws, is limiting any economic rationale for using day labor and making it untenable. Why pay nearly the same price for an unskilled and generally unreliable day laborer, when you can instead have a skilled construction laborer?

Trades Corp does not hire a laborer without confirming they have access to reliable transportation. Each skilled laborer is interviewed by Trades Corp. and scrutinized for obvious signs of substance abuse. TRADES Corp skilled labor force is generally 50 to 75 percent more productive than day labor resulting in fewer man hours to accomplish the same scope of work.

Also, there is a reduced risk of job site inventory shrinkage as well as other associated risks. Of course, there is menial work that is appropriate for day labor workers supplied by day labor outfits, even at their elevated, minimum wage costs.

When the work is job site construction related, TRADES Corp. skilled labor is the viable choice.