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Modular buildings and their role in the cities of the future.

TRADES Corp. is partnering with contractors focusing on modular construction. As demand for new residential and commercial structures grows, modular developments that can be developed at speed could become increasingly important. When someone thinks about how a house is built, images of frenetic, noisy and dusty construction sites spring to mind. As demand for new […]

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The commercial real estate and construction crisis

TRADES Corp. business is completely immersed in commercial construction. The Commercial real estate market is sinking despite federal help. Disappearing revenue at hotels and throughout the entertainment and hospitality industries is straining the U.S. commercial real estate market, as delinquencies rise at a record pace and credit ratings continue to fall. It is not enough. […]

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What path will you take? College or trades?

Why college? Unless you are one of the lucky few who receive a full scholarship to college, IS a college education — and tens of thousands of dollars in debt for you or your family — always the right path after high school?    Depending on your situation — your aptitude, career interests, high-school record, […]

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Skilled Trades and “Blue Collar” Worker Shortage

TRADES Corp. is in the business of providing “blue collar” skilled trades workers to the Commercial and Residential construction markets. Many people believed that robots and machines would one day take over blue-collar jobs. We at TRADES Corp. have seen that exactly the opposite has been the result artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet have […]

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The biggest challenge in the commercial construction industry

Today, the biggest challenge that plagues the Commercial Construction sector is the supply of skilled workers. The recession left a lingering effect on the workforce – between 2006-2011, the construction industry eliminated close to 50 percent of its workforce, nearly 2.3 million jobs – and many workers haven’t returned since. If you’ve exhausted the typical […]

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Skilled trades demand remains strong in January

At TRADES Corp., demand for skilled trades has remained strong, relative to the usual slowdown typically experienced during  the winter months. Hiring is likely to slow later in the year, because of an extremely tight labor market and a somewhat slower economy. The construction industry, buoyed by lower mortgage rates and greater demand for new […]

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The risks of using day labor vs. skilled construction labor

Construction subcontractors and general contractors are continuing the migration away from day labor outfits, who supply generally unskilled, transient, hourly labor. They are instead relying on TRADES Corp., to provide them with “skilled construction labor”. The increase in the minimum wage laws, is limiting any economic rationale for using day labor and making it untenable. […]

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Winter commercial construction slowdown brings new opportunities

TRADES Corp. is remaining active in the recruitment of new trades workers and the marketing to new customers, as the annual winter commercial construction slowdown is upon us. It is understandable that in the northern segment of the country, the winter cold and snow would produce a commercial construction moderation of activity. It has always […]

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Small contractors are our focus

My guesstimate is that Temp Services, working in the Construction Staffing Arena, emphasize the majority of their focus on large contractors, with little regard for small to medium size contractors. TRADES Corp. does just the opposite. Our focus on a daily basis, is on the small and medium-sized contractors, both subcontractors and general contractors. It […]

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Direct hires vs. temporary hires

A prejudicial bias which accepts as fact, that trades workers, directly hired by contractors, are superior to those trades workers hired on as temporaries, has no basis in fact. Simply because a worker receives his weekly compensation directly from a contractor, has no bearing upon his degree of quality workmanship. In point of fact, a […]

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TRADES Corp. function is Trades On Demand

The negative reputation of the temporary staffing industry is well deserved as it relates to construction trades and skilled construction labor. The temporary worker segment, that which deals with construction trades and labor, for both Commercial and Residential Construction, has earned this well deserved reputation for sub par and worse, performance. Most are primarily concerned […]

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Substantial Completion

“Substantial Completion” – assisting contractors with just in time trades workers, to accelerate their project so that it is sufficiently complete, that the owner may use or occupy the building project for the intended purpose.  At TRADES Corp, that is what we do. By recruiting and treating our trades workers as our own, our customers […]

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