Trades Corps


The Valley's Commercial / Residential Construction Temp Agency

Small contractors are our focus

My guesstimate is that Temp Services, working in the Construction Staffing Arena, emphasize the majority of their focus on large contractors, with little regard for small to medium size contractors.

TRADES Corp. does just the opposite. Our focus on a daily basis, is on the small and medium-sized contractors, both subcontractors and general contractors. It is these small to medium-sized contractors who are most in need of TRADES Corp Services and are appreciative of our desire to form a  long-term working partnership.

Yes of course, increasing sales is important to all companies, but equally important, is a satisfying business relationship which large scale contractors have little interest in. Our sales take care of themselves with a large base of these small and medium-sized contractors. We are never in a position to prioritize our best trades workers for large contractors. It is certainly not in our best interest to do so, nor do we want to.

So if you are a small to medium-sized subcontractor or general contractor, and find yourself frustrated receiving sub par workers from temporary services focused on larger contractors, contact us, TRADES Corp., and receive the large contractor service you deserve.