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Skilled trades demand remains strong in January

At TRADES Corp., demand for skilled trades has remained strong, relative to the usual slowdown typically experienced during  the winter months. Hiring is likely to slow later in the year, because of an extremely tight labor market and a somewhat slower economy.

The construction industry, buoyed by lower mortgage rates and greater demand for new housing, led the way by adding 44,000 jobs. TRADES Corp. has experienced consistent demand across the spectrum of all trades and skilled labor.

Unusually warm weather in January may have also helped, so some diminishing of demand is expected in the next month or two. The pace of hiring is surprisingly strong more than 10 and a half years after the last recession. Companies which TRADES Corp works with aren’t adding as many direct hire workers as they were a few years ago, but many complain they can’t find enough skilled workers to fill a still-high number. This leads them to turn to TRADES Corp. to supplement their workforce.