Trades Corps


The Valley's Commercial / Residential Construction Temp Agency

TRADES Corp. function is Trades On Demand

The negative reputation of the temporary staffing industry is well deserved as it relates to construction trades and skilled construction labor.

The temporary worker segment, that which deals with construction trades and labor, for both Commercial and Residential Construction, has earned this well deserved reputation for sub par and worse, performance. Most are primarily concerned with weekly customer billings of man-hours on job sites, and not the quality of those man-hours on job sites. After all, the purpose behind those Man-Hour Billings to your customers is to assist them in achieving Substantial Completion and avoiding penalties, as a result of missing contractual deadlines on a project. Providing incompetent workers to increase billings, accomplishes nothing positive for the Contractor.

TRADES Corp focuses on recruiting Trades Workers and Skilled Construction Laborers (not Day Labor), who are not simply selling their souls for the next extra dollar per hour. TRADES Corp. recruits these trades workers as we do when we are recruiting our own, in house staff. We do our best to send conscientious workers to our customers. These customers are in need of additional manpower to meet their deadlines, not to babysit malcontents.