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The biggest challenge in the commercial construction industry

Today, the biggest challenge that plagues the Commercial Construction sector is the supply of skilled workers. The recession left a lingering effect on the workforce – between 2006-2011, the construction industry eliminated close to 50 percent of its workforce, nearly 2.3 million jobs – and many workers haven’t returned since.

If you’ve exhausted the typical means to find workers – such as tapping into your network, or posting job ads – try TRADES Corp on a “Temp to Perm” basis. Our daily focus is on recruitment of Commercial Construction Skilled Trades and we’ll be happy to supply you with the Skilled Trades who seek full time positions with Commercial Contractors such as you.

You will discover that working with TRADES Corp to fill your direct hire trades positions is extremely cost effective. You will initially take these Trades on as Temporaries which will allow you to evaluate their worthiness. When you determine you are ready to hire a worker directly onto your payroll, TRADES Corp will charge you NO FEE.

Please contact us, TRADES Corp for more information.