The Valley's Commercial / Residential Construction Temp Agency

Substantial Completion

“Substantial Completion” – assisting contractors with just in time trades workers, to accelerate their project so that it is sufficiently complete, that the owner may use or occupy the building project for the intended purpose. 

At TRADES Corp, that is what we do. By recruiting and treating our trades workers as our own, our customers get workers as needed, on a temporary basis, who will show up on the job ready to work with the customer’s trades workers and be productive. Our daily focus is on the small to medium size Sub Contractors and on those GC’s who self perform some of the trades work on their job.

At TRADES Corp, we enjoy a sense of partnership with the small to medium size Subs and GC ‘s. Because of their smaller size, they tend to rely to a relatively large degree on non permanent trades workers, and are happy to form a bond with us. It is rewarding.

If TRADES Corp can’t provide our customers with just in time trades workers, then we don’t deserve your business. We understand how critical your contract on each job is for you.