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Modular buildings and their role in the cities of the future.

TRADES Corp. is partnering with contractors focusing on modular construction. As demand for new residential and commercial structures grows, modular developments that can be developed at speed could become increasingly important.

When someone thinks about how a house is built, images of frenetic, noisy and dusty construction sites spring to mind. As demand for new residential and commercial structures grows, modular, pre-fabricated buildings manufactured “off-site” could have a role to play in the future of construction.

TRADES Corp. focuses a percentage of our recruiting efforts on finding skilled trades to man these jobs. During the construction process there is the potential to significantly reduce the amount of waste, which also delivers cost reductions. The speed with which a modular development can be completed is another advantage. Reductions in construction times, results in further cost reductions and increased bottom line profitability. Precision engineering of an offsite manufactured solution can also offer significant improvements in the quality of the final product.

This is particularly true when utilizing trades workers from TRADES Corp., who possess the unique skills required for modular construction. Modular construction may become crucial in allowing contractors to build structures quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption, while maintaining the highest standards of durability and quality.