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Information for Trades Corp Job Applicants


Why Work for Trades Corp?

Trades Corp is a leader in temporary staffing for construction and manufacturing industries in Arizona – and nationwide.


The application process

Each applicant fills out our job application with details of experience and skills, work history, certifications, tax structure, etc. After they have filled out the application, they are interviewed, which provides us insight into what types of work they have done, where best to place them, what training and/or certifications they hold.

Each work category for the applicant is then given a skill level. The skill level helps us determines what we feel they should be paid. 

When a client asks for an employee with particular skill levels, we sort and filter our lists to determine which personnel would best fit the clients needs.


Below is a partial list of our specialties. If you have a skill not listed here, please contact us.


FAQ for Applicants

How much will it cost me to use your services? 
There is no charge to the applicant.

What if the company that hires me as a temp want offers me a full time job? 
We offer a Temp-to-hire-placement service. Companies can observe and evaluate temp workers’ abilities to determine if they want to offer them permanent positions. If they think our temp worker is a good fit, a permanent hire is always an option.

What if I have different skills than your listings?
The listing above is only a partial list. We are interested in all construction and manufacturing skills.  

Is there weekend work?

Trades Corp staff advertises as being available 24/7.   You may have the option of weekend work.

Do I carry my own insurance?
No. We carry Liability Insurance.

Do you provide workers’ comp or do I get my own?
We provide workman’s comp insurance.

Do I need to supply referrals/testimonials from previous employers?
It would help us in our considerations to contact previous employers and those you have worked with.

Do I need to supply copies of my designations, licenses and so on?
Yes, we need to see copies of your support materials.

Sounds great – how do I get started?

Click on the application link and fill it out with as much detail as possible.  Once you send it to us, we’ll review it and get back to you within 5 days.


Call our professional staff at 602-888-4888 for all your construction temp staffing needs!