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Direct hires vs. temporary hires

A prejudicial bias which accepts as fact, that trades workers, directly hired by contractors, are superior to those trades workers hired on as temporaries, has no basis in fact.

Simply because a worker receives his weekly compensation directly from a contractor, has no bearing upon his degree of quality workmanship. In point of fact, a large percentage of trades workers rotate from direct hire with contractors, to temporary employment with TRADES Corp temp services. 

The false assumption is that all temp workers would rather be hired directly by contractors, but remain as temps due to their lack of skills. There is simply no truth to this assumption.

The fact is that Commercial Construction Trades work is inherently temporary in nature, with regular hires and layoffs a natural function of the industry. This results in trades workers working both as direct hire employees with contractors, as well as temporary services employees, on a rotating basis, multiple times in their careers.