Trades Corps


The Valley's Commercial / Residential Construction Temp Agency

The Trades Corp Approach to Staffing

Our search methods are based on honesty and ethics. We are committed to never misrepresenting our clients or job openings. We understand the importance of maintaining a network of skilled trades’ people who are experts in their field. We are proud to offer our clients highly qualified candidates.

Trades Corp maintains a database of local applicants that is continuously growing. This means we are able to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently. Luke Redmond, our industry expert, meets with all our applicants and documents their skill sets and assigns trade skill levels. Through this process, we are able to instantaneously run reports on all active and waiting employees.

Trades Corp functions as an extension of your human resources department. We can provide your organization with temporary help — daily, weekly, or long term.

  • Hiring quality personnel is the key to our success — and yours.
  • We offer cost-effectiveness, quality assurance, timely delivery, reliability, and a high level of expertise.
  • Our emphasis is on strong communication among our customers, staff, and temporary employees.

Thank you for considering Trades Corp as the solution to your temp staffing search needs!

Call our professional staff at 602-888-4888 for all your construction temp staffing needs!